Rubber Sheeting

Roll and sheet material: NR / SBR NBR EPDM CR FKM (Viton) CSM (Hypalon) IIR (Butyl) Para Wear resistant sheeting (NRV) with and without bonding layer Premium wear resistant sheeting (Rulitex) Pulley lagging Sandwich Scraper Conveyor Belts Elevatorbelts Cotton Transmission Belts Freight Secure Strucural protection sheeting (Grain-textured) Insulation Carpets Silicone Soft PVC Cellular Rubber Sponge… Continue reading Rubber Sheeting

Rubber Matting

Fine-Ribbed Wide-Ribbed Wide-Fine-Ribbed Studed mats Hammberblow – Design Check-In (Checkered) Finger-Tip Pyramid-structured Square-nopped Horse-Trailer Work-Mats Ring Mats Hollow and Honey Comb Design Stable Mats

Rubber Sealings

Customised sealing solutions made from all before mentioned materials. We are looking forward to receive your inquiries. Elastomere, z. B.: NR/SBR NBR CR EPDM Hypalon Butyl FKM Silicones in various shore hardnesses and colors (FDA approval) Plastics, e.g: PTFE PE PA POM Polyurethane Soft PVC Foamed materials, e.g. from: Sponge rubber Cellular rubber Silicone Polyurethane… Continue reading Rubber Sealings

Rubber and Sponge Stripes

Customised stripes for all purposes made from all before mentioned materials. Also availabe with one or two sides self-adhesive tape. We are looking forward to receive your inquiries.

Polyurethane and Plastics

Sponge and cellular materials

Cellular rubber Sponge rubber PE foam PU foam Silicone foam Sponge rubber   All qualities also available with self-adhesive backside.

Anti-Slip and Freight Secure

Regenerat Standard

Customised solutions made of granular sheetings in different qualities. For every apllication we are able to offer the right product. Regenerat Standard Regenerat Ladungssicherung Regenerat Ladungssicherung Premium Black Cat Black Cat Panther

Profiles and moulded parts

Rubber Elevatorbelts

For smooth transport Rubber elevator belts are used for the vertical transportation of all kinds of bulk goods. Light goods such as grain, flour as well as as heavy goods such as sand, coal or cement are the most common applications for elevator belts. We offer customised solutions for every application. On stock we have… Continue reading Rubber Elevatorbelts

Rubber Conveyor Belts

We move things! Rubber conveyor belts / EP plies Rubber conveyor belts with highly tear-resistant polyester / polyamide plies, endless hot vulcanized, equipped with fasteners on both sides or in simple open design. Also available with sidewalls and / ro cleats. Furthermore, we also manufacture all conveyor belt qualities for you as customised parts in… Continue reading Rubber Conveyor Belts